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Homeless with a Child
Letter from an Atheist
Roberts Story
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  Letter from an Atheist  

Excerpts from a letter from guest at the Men’s Mission:

I had never in my life needed the assistance that you provide each and every day to the simply destitute. I showed up on your door at two am with numb feet, pure exhaustion and slipping into a Diabetic coma. Once I was taken care of I slept like a child feeling safe, and secure that all would be all right.

Having never needed help from anyone, the kindness displayed made me question my belief in Atheism. I was finally shown the meaning of what people call Christianity. So to all of your staff at Cornerstone. Thank you. Although your pay is meager please find wealth in knowing that your work helps people in more than just food and shelter. You have restored my faith in my fellow man. And have made me realize there simply must be something more than just fate.


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